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At Discomaton, it couldn't be simpler: select a format from record in the store, choose all the options available for that format, add the product to the basket, click on "Create my design" to create the design for the macaroons in your record from the templates offered in our graphics editor, modify the template or create your design from scratch, then click on "Continue" to return to your basket. Click on "Send my files" and upload your audio files one by one. Finalize your order.

Details of possible customization options :

  • record Color: Choose one of the colors available for the format in question. The "Photo" option allows you to print the image of your choice on the entire record (picture disc). In this case, your record will contain only one side of music. Our discs are record , 2 mm thick, the equivalent of 180 grams in pressing. All colors except white are translucent.
  • cover color: Choose one of the colors available for the format in question. You can opt for the " cover personalized " option, which corresponds to borderless, high-quality printing on both sides of a full cover with edge (also printable) on 350 gr/m2 cardboard (very rigid). We offer matte or gloss lamination. Selective varnish is available for large quantities.
  • Sub colorcover: Choose one of the colors available for the format in question. The subcover (inner sleeve) is the protective cover made of paper and lined with anti-static plastic to protect your record. It will be inserted into the cover cardboard sleeve chosen above (outter sleeve).
  • Number of tracks: Choose the number of tracks you want for each side. Each of your files will be checked and undergo " pre-master " processing (volume level consistency, phase analysis, equalization if necessary...). You can choose one track per side and send us your edits to save money, but you may lose volume consistency between tracks. If you're a professional, no problem - we'll only act on the overall level.
  • Music time : Choose according to the sum of the durations of your tracks per side. If you exceed 7:30 min (which corresponds to a 45 rpm record), choose "maximum 14 min" (which corresponds to a 33 rpm record) and vice versa. We can produce sides longer than 14 minutes, but depending on the audio source, you may lose quality. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Production lead time: Choose the lead time you would like your record to be produced. The deadline will be validated by our team, and if we are unable to meet it, you will be informed and, of course, reimbursed.

Engraving is always the first step in the vinyl manufacturing process, even for the pressing industry. It is thanks to this record called "Master", engraved in real time on an acetate record called "lacquer master" (very fragile) but also sometimes on a copper record (DMM or Direct Metal Mastering engraving), that, after the electroplating process, the pressing matrix will be produced which will be used to reproduce the supports (vinyl pressing). Engraving can also be used to create unique record vinyl records. Originally called Dubplate when it was engraved on record acetate, it can also be engraved on record plastic (equivalent to pressed vinyl in terms of lifespan and sound if well executed) and is often found under the name Gravure de vinyle à l'unité or vinyle personnalisé and even sometimes engraving Polyvinyl.

At Discomaton, engraving is carried out in real time on fully recyclable PVC plastic. Each record is produced one by one with the same high standards of quality as in the industry. The audio content sent by customers is always checked by our mastering engineers in a dedicated booth, where they adapt and apply treatments to the sound (pre-master vinyl) to homogenize the whole and maximize the quality of the engraving. This is why our prices are calculated according to the length of the sides (A and B) and the number of tracks.

We advise you to buy high-resolution music files on the Qobuz. com platform. The formats to choose are at least CD quality in WAV 16bit - 44.1 khz format (about €2/title). We can also buy them for you from a list you send us, including the total purchase price in your order and sending you the Qobuz invoice. After purchase, we'll send you the audio files that now belong to you.


The Discomaton team is made up of professional sound engineers specializing in analog media (vinyl and magnetic tape). Our recording studio in the 10th arrondissement of Paris features a mastering booth (the control room) entirely designed by acoustician Camille Hamel (Orythie Ingeneering) around a professional 3-channel monitoring system from British manufacturer ATC (SCM150ASL Pro). The control room is where all audio files are checked and processed before being transferred to the "cutting room", a room dedicated to burning vinyl records, where humidity and temperature are controlled to minimize dust and static electricity. In this room, we have two recording machines fully modified with the professional equipment used in lacquer recording studios(feedback recording heads, turntables record Technics SP10 MK2 and MK3, Merging Technologies converters, Mogami cabling, industrial microscope, etc.).

Arnaud - Control Room Discomaton
Louis - Cutting Room Discomaton


Labels and cover are printed in high-resolution four-color process by professional offset and digital printers on top-of-the-range papers. Our vinyl sleeves have a grammage of 350 gr/m2.

cover personalized 33 rpm vinyl - gloss lamination


Our discs are always delivered in an antistatic (lined) subcover , then in their cover cardboard box and finally in a PVC protective cover .

Most of the products feature an online designer that lets you create your designs directly on the required specifications so you can customize your vinyl with ease.

To access it, simply :

  • Click on "start design ", which appears when you move your mouse over the product image at the bottom.


  • After adding the product to the shopping cart, click on CREATE MY DESIGN

Once you've created your personal space, your creations will be saved automatically, so you can come back to them as often as you like. You can also save multiple designs for the same product, and take advantage of our templates for macaroons (central labels on record vinyl) and vinyl sleeves.

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