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the discomaton experience

the discomaton experience

Record yourself on vinyl!

Record yourself on vinyl!

1. immortalize a sound moment on vinyl

The Discomaton team welcomes you to its Paris premises in the 10th arrondissement.

Accessible to adults and children alike, Discomaton offers everyone the chance to immortalize a song, a poem, a moment, on record vinyl and create it on the spot in a professional studio!

A creative and cultural experience in Paris that will leave you with many memories!

2. witness the engraving of your record

Our sound engineers will introduce you to music reproduction techniques.


3.leave with your record

Choose colors, formats and create your own vinyl cover on site. Your children can decorate the sleeves and labels on the spot and let their imaginations run wild.

Book a ticket online and contact us to make an appointment.

Wednesdays and Saturdays by appointment.


The discomaton moves to your events

The best way to make sure your guests remember you!

The Discomaton® can be easily integrated into all your events: Exhibitions, openings, private parties, trade shows, concerts, festivals. Your visitors will be invited to record a message or a song live on a record vinyl 45 rpm personalized with your colors, which will be given to them as soon as they leave the booth! Several formulas and customization options are available to suit your event. To find out more, contact us.

More than just personalized goodies, the Discomaton experience will leave a lasting impression on your guests.